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Humanitarian Helicopter


I am tired of playing violent games which teach us nothing useful in our lives. 100% of games I am familiar with try to convince us that gaining a good education, possessing high qualifications and well paid jobs, as well as being surrounded by friendly and helpful people means nothing. How do they convince us about it ? The game creators simply ignore all those aspects by focusing on various methods of killing other people. The Humanitarian Helicopter game is completely d i f f e r e n t. It shows us a pilot Zario who has compassion toward people and instead of killing is helping them by providing security and very much needed food after an earthquake. On 50 levels the game features 50 actual earthquakes that took place in California in the last 80 years, with many details and specifics. It also familiarizes players with percents which are very often used in real lives. The first 10-20 levels are perfectly suited for children aged 5-10, while the next levels of the game will be also welcome by older players, including even retired people. Leszek


Cezary Zaremba
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