9 April 2022

Lovely Adventure 7 review

We have a new review of our game.
It is by Family Friendly Gaming.
It scored 79 points.
You can view it here.

5 April 2022

Game status

We are not making more games anymore.
You can play those that were made.
One last thing. The games are nice to play.

30 November 2020

Island Adventure review

We are not happy with the current review because it did not mention anything about beautiful texts which we have.
The review can be found here.
The magazine issue, with the review and other stuff, can be found here.

17 January 2020


We have a new review of Humanitarian Helicopter.
You can view it here.

1 November 2017


We are now changing this small company.
We will delete all games soon.

13 September 2017


Teaspoon Cupcakes, Afternoon Cupcakes and Midnight Cupcakes are a Trilogy.
We take great delight in these games!
Wonderful it is to create these games and wonderful it is to play them!

24 October 2016

Peaceful Games at Poznan Game Arena.

About 80 people played our games Humanitarian Helicopter 1 and 2.
We took advice from people about how to improve our games.
View here description of our games on the fair.

22 September 2016

Humanitarian Helicopter (Nintendo Wii U) is currently being announced for new regions.

These regions include: Europe, Australia, Soth Africa, Russia, New Zealand

21 July 2016

Humanitarian Helicopter (Nintendo Wii U) released.

This version has 2 player mode and 8 skills to be obtained by playing.
Click here for game page.
Game available in America.

28 June 2016

Released date of Humanitarian Helicopter for Wii U accounced.

Our game passed Lotcheck, the Nintendo testing process.
Release date is 21 July 2016.

23 March 2016

Peaceful Games account creation improved.

Creating an account with us is now simplified. Less information is required.
This was done because we want many people to play our games. A complex account creation process as before did not help.

10 November 2015

Humanitarian Helicopter is out for iOS.

Version 1.1.5. Click on link for more information.
Game is available in App Store. To download it search for Humanitarian Helicopter in App Store.

3 November 2015

Work has begun on Humanitarian Helicopter for Nintendo Wii U console.

Nintendo has approved Peaceful Games as a Wii U Developer.
This version will be the best Humanitarian Helicopter version.
It will include 2 player cooperative mode, global highscores, all skills available to obtain ingame over time.

3 October 2015

Humanitarian Helicopter is out for Android.

New version 1.2. Click on link for more information.
Game is available in Google Play Store. To download it click here.

17 April 2015

Friendly Math is now free!

This program covers to a significant degree the program requirements
for high school students on the subject of mathematics.

26 March 2015

Humanitarian Helicopter version 1.1 is out.

With new improved graphics.
Wonderful music, varying from decade to decade.
New sound effects.

23 November 2014

Review of Humanitarian Helicopter in hcgamer (in english, in polish)

This is a polish games portal. Game scored 7/10.
Pros: interesting topic, for everyone, non-violence, calming game
Cons: levitating debris, glitches, graphics could be a tad better

1 November 2014

Review of Humanitarian Helicopter in Family Friendly Gaming issue 88.

This is the first Christian games magazine in the world. Based in USA it is free to download. Humanitarian Helicopter scored 77 out of 100.
Game recieved a high rating (90%) in Family Friendly Factor means that this game is good for families and children.
Humanitarian Helicopter received highest rating or all PC games rated in 2014.
For full review go here.

25-26 October 2014

Opinions about Humanitarian Helicopter at Poznan Game Arena 2014.

Simple game. It has gameplay. It is OK.
I like the game. I like its style very much.
Cool game.
Super game.
The game is good. Good job.
The game is certainly very unusual.


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